Alphabetical signpost A

Some reflections after reading Ben Gordon’s Alphabetical Signposts to Teacher Excellence – A on his blog Teach innovate reflect.

I am guilty of playing “guess what’s in my head” too often. It’s just so instinctive. I periodically apologise to my students and ask them to keep a tally of how often I do it. They seem to enjoy catching me out. Anyway, I am a firm believer in active teaching. Impart the knowledges, then see how the students can innovate!

I’m keen to reassess my assessment timings to ensure interventions can be carried out within curriculum time. Part of assessment for learning. Need to think more about unit tests and transitions.

Need to reflect more about ‘automaticity’ and ‘shallow work’ in the classroom. Seems like an area ripe for substantial changes and improvements. I am all to aware of my ‘shallow work’ habits.

A great read from Ben. Looking forward to working through the alphabet. Perhaps a letter every couple of days.