A lesson plan form for hand-written lesson plans

I like making hand-written materials for my students. I feel more focused and in the flow when I clear the desk and take out a fresh leaf of paper. As the pen hovers millimetres above the page, the dance of the neurons begins. To keep my writing neat and organised, I’ve made several printable papers (lined, grid and blank). I’ll post them soon. Anyway, they’ve been so helpful that I thought I should throw together a more formal printable lesson plan form.

It’s based on the lesson plan sample provided in EDN550 Transition to Teaching (2018), the initial intensive unit of the Graduate Diploma in Education at Murdoch University.

Download: Lesson Plan Blank Print A4 (PDF)

It’s made in Affinity Designer. The type is 12 point Roboto Light. To keep the form subtle so that the written work stands out, the type and lines are set to a light CMYK grey (0,0,0,40). I am still adjusting this because I haven’t found the sweet spot, and it’s probably very printer dependant.

Feedback is welcome (Twitter is best) but I expect to go through many more iterations in the future.